MOVESPEED L10 10000mAh 22.5W magnetic lightweight rotatable with Type C cable Power Bank

Salgspris$65.98 Normalpris$89.98
Spar 27%
Color: White
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30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

Wireless charging+

Type C wired charging

Super Strong Magnetic

Adsorption, Not Easily LostThe Colors of Spring

Lighting up Life and

Collocation EmotionsFor IPhone 15 Perfect

Partner - Wireless

Charging+Type-C Fast

Charging Wireless Freedom, Fast Wired AccelerationFor iphone 20W Fast Charger

Type-C Charging Cable--Collocation with a charging cord upports Apple 20WPD Fast Charging

Magnetic suction charging 15w/7.5w output MAX--Wireless charging,Comfortable hand feel

Type-C cable supports self charging 18W input MAX Bidirectional input/output--charging cable, can be fully charged at any timeSmall Size Power Bank

Safe Portable, Happy Travel

For iPhone 12-15 CompatibleSuper Strong Adsorption,Tightly Fitting

10MM scale circle radius!Small and Charging

Without Burden

Perfect fit for phone size10000mAh

Outdoor Anxiety FreeCarry it with you

Worry free travel

Compliant with airplane powerbank carrying

standards, worry free boarding

smooth world traveProduct Parameters