MOVE SPEED 570MB/s Read/Write 128GB/2TB USB 3.2/Type C High Speed Solid State Flash Drive

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  • USB 3.2 + High Speed Type C bidirectional interface
  • High Speed Transmission
  • High-Quality Metal Case
  • SSD Grade Inspection with safety and stable transfer
Size: 128GB
Lifetime Customer Support
30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

YID flash drive

Why choose MOVE SPEED YID series USB Flash Drive?

  • 1. Up to 570MB/s of Read Speed and 480MB/s of Write Speed, 1G in 2 seconds. Store a huge amount of video and audio with ease.
  • 2. Plug and Play, extremely simple to use. Plugs directly into your android phone or computer, No cable and software required. Efficient transfer anytime and anywhere. No matter you have a business Office, Learning or entertainment. Enjoy work and life with ease.
  • 3. Phones Expansion&Data Backup. Backing up your hard drive, easy data backup. No worries about the limited memory space on your Android phone and computer.
  • 4. USB3.2 & type-c dual interfaces design. Easy and efficient cross-device transfer.
  • 5. Wide compatibility. Compatible with Desktop /Laptop/Android phones/car stereos/Smart TVs and more. Let's enjoy the fun of mobile storage better.
  • 6. Mini, compact and portable. Easy to carry anywhere, Convenient for your business trip and entertainment.
  • 7. Durable zinc alloy body, features Waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, anti-pressure, high temperature resistant characters.


SSD Class Chip -- Amazing Speed Experience

  • SATA solid-state drives are now condensed into the form of pen drive. Using a new alloy process, the working temperature is effectively reduced by 15%, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
  • It only takes 22 seconds to transmit 1,000 ultra-high-definition large images, and only 9 seconds to transmit 4GB of 4K video.
  • 570 MB/s Read Speed
  • 480 MB/s Write Speed

YID flash drive

USB 3.2 High Speed Transmission -- 1G in 2 Seconds

  • MOVE SPEED YID series solid state USB drive Provides up to 570MB/s of Read Speed and 480MB/s of Write Speed.
  • SSD solid state storage solution supercharged with 1,000 UHD large image transfers in 22 seconds.
  • 4K video transfers of 4GB in size in around 9 seconds.

Note:All our storage devices are Full Capacity and Full Speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.

YID flash drive

Dual interfaces, easy and efficient cross-device transfer

USB 3.2 and Type-C dual ports, break the limitation of transmission between different devices.


  • 1 X MOVE SPEED YID series solid state USB flash drive
  • 1 X Leather case with keychain
  • 1 X User manual

Flash drive-128GB