MOVE SPEED Z70 Pro 70000mAh 100W with LED Display+Lighting and SOS Mode Professional Outdoor Power Bank

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  • 4 Outputs 2 Inputs Fast Charge Output Protocol
  • 100W Super Fast Charge & 65W Fast Input
  • 70000mAh All-Weather Power Supply
  • Car-Grade Batteries
  • LED Smart Display
  • 3-Level Lighting and SOS Mode
Format: LED Display+3 Level White Light & SOS Mode
Specification: 70000mAh 100W
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30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

2024 New Upgrade Version

MOVE SPEED 70000mAh 100W High Capacity High Output Power Bank

  • 1. 70,000mAh (259 Wh)Ultra Large Capacity, Fully Charge your iPhone 15 14 times, MacBook Air 5 times.
  • 2. Composed of 6*11800mAh High-density Lithium Polymer Battery, which Enables Greater Capacity and Smaller Size. No Fake Publicity of Power Capacity.
  • 3. Ultra-fast Charging Experience with Max 100W Output, Compatible with SCP/FCP/QC Fast Charge Protocol, Fully Power your Device in the Shortest Time.
  • 4.Convenient 4 Outputs and 2 Inputs, 2 Type C and 2 USB-A ports. Suitable for Charging Multiple Devices at the Same Time.
  • 5. Support Fast Recharge through USB-C Ports: USB C1 port support 65W input, USB C2 port support 45W input.
  • 6. Light in the Dark, 3 Level White Lighting and SOS Flashing Mode.
  • 7. Builded-in LCD Digital Display. Remaining Power in a Glance. When Fast Charging, the "lightning" Sign Prompts Fast Charging
  • 8. Support Pass-Through Charging Function, You can Achieve Simultaneous Fast Input and Output Through Two USB-C Ports.
  • 9.10 Built-in Smart-Protections to Assure Charging Safety.
  • 10. High-Quality 100W USB C to C Charging Cable Included.

Note: 3-Year Product Wa rranty to give you more Peace of Mind When Buying

Package comes with a 100W USB C to C Cable, it can be Used to Finish Fast Input and Output.

Max 100W Output - Ultra Fast Charging - Support 2 MacBooks Fast Charging at the Same Time

  • Ultra Fast Charging, Save your Time

Full Range Fast Charging Protocol Compability. Z70pro Energy Cube battery bank compatible with PPS/PD3.0/QC3.0/QC4+/FCP/SCP/AFC protocol,

1) can charge your MacBook pro 14'' to 40% in just 30 minutes.

2) can charge your iPhone 15 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

  • USB Ports Output Details -- Support 4 Devices Charging at the Same time
Single port Output:

Type C1 Output Only: 100W

Type C2 Output Only: 45W

USB-A1/A2 Output Only: 22.5W

Dual ports Output:

Type C1 + C2:PD65W + PD35W

Four ports Output:

Type C1 + (Type C2+UAB-A1+USB-A2): PD65W + 15W

Notes: All our Charge and Store devices are Full Capacity and Full Speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.

The MOVE SPEED Z70 Pro Portable Charger Power Bank is compatible with multiple devices and has 4 USB ports!

  • 4 output ports: One 100W USB-C port, One 45W USB-C port, Two 22.5w USB-A fast charging output ports, which can charge multiple devices at the same time.
  • Two Inputs: Provides 2 charging options via Type-C1 or C2 input.
  • Compatible with MacBook, Laptop, iPhone, Android Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Switch, Apple Watch, GOPRO, Drone, Camera, Dash Cam, Headphones, Earphones, Watches, Camping lights, Small fans, Heated vests and more!
  • A big power bank with large capacity can meet all your daily needs.

Note:To know about more compatible models, please ask our service team for help

Regarding the Product Manual, you can download the electronic version of the ''User Guide(PDF)'' in the "Product guides and documents" section on the details page.

Best Companion for Outdoor and Back up for Emergency!!


Best large capacity power bank for dash cam, school, beach day, day trip, night light, fan, camping, travel, Hurricane season power outages, hiking, etc

You can put it in the trunk of the car for camping and disaster prevention!

Tips 1: Support PD protocol. Solar panel Type-C output can charge Z70 Pro power bank

Tips 2 : The product has a large capacity of 70000mAh, so the capacity must contain 6 lithium polymer batteries of 11666mAh, so the weight of the product is 1.6kg(3.42lbs).

If you encounter a product that is too light in weight, pay attention to the fake capacity or battery quality.

Tips 3 : When charge low current devices (fans, headphones, etc),

When the power of small device is almost full, the charging current is very small. When the current is lower than 100mA, the power bank will detect that the current is small and mistakenly think that it is not charging, thus terminating the output. This is normal.


Battery Capacity

70000 mAh(259 Wh)

Output (4 ports)

Type C1:5V/3A;9V/3A;12V/3A;15V/3A;20V/5A; Type C2:5V/3A;9V/3A;12V/3A;15V/3A;20V/2.25A; USB-A1/A2:5V/3A; 9V/2A;10V/2.25A;12V/1.5A

Input (2 ports)

3 Level White Light + SOS Mode




1.6 KG/3.42 lbs

Notes for turning on the Light

Double Press the power button quickly and briefly