MOVE SPEED S80 130W 80,000mAh Power Bank Portable Power Station

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  • 80,000mAh Capacity & Compact 2 in 1
  • Max 130W High Output
  • Digital Display and Bright/RGB Lighting
  • Long-term Stable Power Station
  • 2 Inputs & 5 Outputs Fast charging without stress
  • Sustainable Power Supply & 65W Fast Recharge
  • Pass-Through Function and ''Low Current'' Mode
Specification: 80000mAh 130W
Color: white
Lifetime Customer Support
30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

power station 80000mah

What Makes the MOVE SPEED S80 ‘’Light Pro‘’ Power Bank a Reliable Power Source for you Anytime Anywhere?

1. 80,000mAh (296Wh)Ultra Large Capacity, Fully Charge your iPhone 15 15 times, MacBook Air 5 times.

2. Composed of 8*10000mAh High-density Lithium Polymer Battery, which Enables Greater Capacity and Smaller Size.

3. Weight only 4.18 lb, Can be Easily Carried with One Hand

4. Ultra-fast Charging Experience with Max 130W Output, Compatible with SCP/FCP/QC Fast Charge Protocol, Fully Power your Device in the Shortest Time.

5. Support 65W Fast Recharge through USB-C Cable, Solar Panel, Car USB,5.5 Hours Fast Recharge.

6. Practical Port Design, 2 Type C and 3 USB-A ports, 5 Outputs and 2 Inputs, Supports Charging of up to 5 Devices at the Same Time.

7. Long-term Stable Backup Battery, Enable Retain Over 85% of its Power after One Year.

8. Light in the Dark, White and RGB Dynamic Lighting Mode.

9. Support Pass-Through Charging Function, You can Achieve Simultaneous Fast Input and Output Through Two USB-C Ports.

10. ''Low Current'' Mode, Charge Small Devices Safely and Smoothly Charged with the Optimum Current.

11. Builded-in LCD Digital Display. Remaining Power in a Glance. When Fast Charging, the "FAST" Sign Prompts Fast Charging

12. UL 2056 Certification, 10 Built-in Smart-Protections to Assure Charging Safety.

13. High-Quality 100W USB C/A to C Charging Cable Included

Note: 3-Year Product Wa rranty to give you more Peace of Mind When Buying

Package comes with a 100W USB C/A to C Cable, it can be Used to Finish Fast Input and Output.

portable power station S80

The Ultimate Power Solution --- 80,000mAh Impressive Capacity

  • With this Power Bank you can Fully Charge

1. iPhone 14 15 Charges

2. MacBook Air 8 Charges

3. Drone 10 Charges

4. Camera 40 Charges

5. Lamp 47 Hours

6. Air pods 20 Charges

7. Switch 12 Charges

8. iPad 10 Charges

  • Features 2 USB-C ports, 3 USB-A ports
  • Supports Up to 5 Devices Output at the Same Time, Families and Friends can Share Power when Gathering or Picnics
  • Compatible with iPhone, Macbook, Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Switch, Apple Watch, GOPRO, Drone, Camera, Headphones, Earphones, Watches, Camping lights, Heated vests, Small fans and more!
  • Real 80,000mah Huge Battery Capacity allows you to Travel, Camp, Car Road Trip No worries.

Note:To know about more models, please ask our service team for help

Regarding the Product Manual, you can download the electronic version of the ''User Guide(PDF)'' in the "Product guides and documents" section on the details page.

portable power station S80

Max 130W Output - Ultra Fast Charging - Support 2 MacBooks Fast Charging at the Same Time

  • Ultra Fast Charging, Save your Time

Full Range Fast Charging Protocol Compability. S80 ''Light Pro'' battery bank compatible with PPS/PD3.0/QC3.0/QC4+/FCP/SCP/AFC protocol,

1) can charge your MacBook pro 14'' to 50% in just 35 minutes.

2) can charge your iPhone 15 to 50% in just 40 minutes.

  • Low Current Mode, Small Device Friendly

Press the knob 4 times to turn on the Low Current Mode, enable to charge the earphones, watches, small devices, etc

Notes: When you turn on the low current mode, the power bank will automatically exit this mode after 4 hours.

The reason is: to avoid exhaustion of power. When low current mode is turned on, power will continue to be consumed even when the device is not connected. You can re-enter low current mode by pressing 4 times again

  • USB Ports Output Details -- Support 5 Devices Charging at the Same time

1) Single port Output:

Type C1/C2 Output Only: 100W

USB-A1/A2 Output Only: 22.5W

2) Dual ports Output: Type C1 + C2:PD65W + PD65W

3) Five ports Output: Type C1 + (Type C2+UAB-A1+USB-A2)+ USB-A3: PD65W + 15W+10W

Notes: All our Charge and Store devices are Full Capacity and Full Speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.

portable power station S80

Trustworthy Partner Anytime, Anywhere

power station 80000mah

Quickly Recharge the 80000mAh Power Bank Anytime, Anywhere

  • Support Solar Recharge

1)Connect Solar Panel via USB-C Port 2)Max 65W Fast Input 3)Anytime, Anywhere

4)En-vironmentally Friendly 5)Economical and Energy-Saving

  • Support USB-C Cable Recharge

1)Max 65W Fast Input

2)The package comes with a 100w nylon braided USB C/A -C charging cable

  • Support Car USB Recharge

1)Max 65W Fast Input

2)Safe to use in the car

  • Tips for use:

1.For the first time use. Please run out the battery to 0%, then charge the power bank to 100%,and cycle this action three times or more to fully activate the battery and achieve optimal performance.

  • Notes on laptop charging interruption:

1. When the laptop is used during charging, the power required during operation exceeds the maximum output of 100w of the S80 power bank, which will cause the power bank to cut off its output for self-protection. (Such as running large games, etc.)