MOVE SPEED 520MB/s Read/Write 256GB/1TB USB 3.2/Type C Solid State Fingerprint Encryption USB Flash Drive

Salgspris$95.98 Normalpris$149.98
Spar 36%
  • 520MB/s super fast transmission
  • Double encryption for data security
  • Phones Expansion&Data Backup&Dual Ports
  • 0.5S rapid recognition and 98.5% high recognition rate
  • Software program download
Capacity: 128GB
Lifetime Customer Support
30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

Why choose MOVE SPEED encrypted solid-state USB flash drive?

  • 1. up to 520MB/s of read speed and 450MB/s of write speed
  • 2. USB3.2 & type-c dual ports, which are more convenient for data transfer between different devices
  • 3. Fingerprint encryption and AES-256 encryption for double data security
  • 4. 0.5s precise recognition and 98.5% recognition rate
  • 5. Phones expansion and data backup
  • 6. Solid state storage level chips for stable and long-time usage
  • 7. Premium zinc alloy for textured appearance and anti-fall performance

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

520MB/s super fast transmission&refuse to wait and improve efficiency

  • This encrypted solid state USB flash drive provides up to 450MB/s of Read Speed and 400MB/s of Write Speed, featuring higher performance than general USB 3.1 flash drive.
  • This encrypted solid state jumb drive transfers 1000 large UHD images in about 22 seconds and 4K video of 4GB in about 9 seconds.
  • This encrypted USB drive saves more time and effort when transferring and uploading files and greatly improves work efficiency.

Due to batch problems, there are no English manual in some products. You can find our electronic manuals at the link, or contact our after-sales team for electronic manuals.

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

What will happen if important data is not encrypted?

  • Company trade secrets are stolen.
  • Important customer information are disclosed.
  • Individual original works are plagiarized.
  • Privacy information are propagated.


Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

Phone expansion&Data backup

  • Type-C port of this encrypted flash drive supports OTG smartphones to back up for images, videos, documents, music, albums, etc.
  • Important data can be backed up at any time, so you don't have to worry about running out of phone memory anymore.
Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

USB-A + Type-C dual ports

USB-A + Type-C dual ports are more convenient for data transfer between different devices and are more convenient to complete data sharing.

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

0.5s precise recognition and 98.5% recognition rate

  • Newest fingerprint recognition technology effectively prevent false fingerprints.
  • The fingerprint ID can encrypt file information in APP to protect your private files, and you can choose to encrypt the entire usb flash drive, or you can choose to encrypt a specific file.
  • All encrypted files stored in this encrypted USB flash drive are invisible on the computer.

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

SSD chips for stable and long-time usage

Solid state storage level chips feature stable and long-time usage and protect your valuable data.

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

Metal casing of high quality 

  • High quality zinc alloy, features metallic texture and anti-drop performance.
  • What’s more, it is compact and portable. Easy to carry to anywhere, whether you have entertainment or business trip.

Encrypted Flash Drive-128GB

Convenient for team usage

Up to 10 fingerprint IDs can ensure that files are used internally within the team.


1 X Mobile speed V series solid state USB drive

1 X drive case

1 X user manual

Flash drive-128GB