MOVE SPEED 256GB 1000MB/s Read/Write Speed, USB 3.2 Gen2+Type C Dual Interface Push-Pull Design Flash Drive

Salgspris$109.98 Normalpris$209.98
Spar 48%
  • Dual-Port, 1000MB/Second Speed
  • 3-Stage Push-Pull Design
  • SSD Level Chip & Metal Case
  • Plug and Play and Easy to Use
  • Supports 4K ProRes HDR
  • Wide Compatibility

Capacity: 128GB
Lifetime Customer Support
30-day Money Back Guarantee
2-Year Official Warranty

What Upgrades have We Made to the New WD Series 1000MB/s USB Flash Drives?

MOVESPEED R&D department has been committed to providing customers with a better product experience. We are always on our way to develop and improve high-speed USB flash drives.

1. More extreme heat dissipation performance.

Equipped with A+ temperature control chip, and premium zinc alloy case, cooling while over-load to avoid overheating. It won't feel too hot to touch when fully loaded.

2. The first 3-stage push-pull design.

MOVESPEED is the first brand to launch a 3-stage design in the gigabit USB flash drive, with smooth push-pull-reset, better protection of the USB flash drive interface, and a smooth experience.

3. Read/write speed up to 1000MB/s, transfer 1G in 1 second. store massive video and audio easily.

4. USB3.2 Gen2 and Type-C dual interfaces design. Easy and efficient cross-device transfer.

5. SSD grade chip, safe and stable transmission, protect your valuable data.

6. Plug and play, can be directly inserted into Android phone or computer, no need to connect cable and software. Extension, transfer, and data backup efficiently anytime, anywhere.

7. Easy to carry around with a high-density braided lanyard, which has been tested for more than 30,000 times to ensure its durability.

8. Strong compatibility. Compatible with desktops/laptops/Android cell phones/car stereos/Smart TVs, etc. Let us better enjoy the fun of mobile storage.

NOTE! All our storage devices are full capacity and full speed. If you find any fake capacity or speed device, you can ask us for a full re-fund.

USB 3.2 Gen2 High Speed Transmission -- Transfer 1GB File in a Flash

  • Read Speed:1000MB/s
  • Write Speed:1000MB/s
  • MOVE SPEED WID10 series solid state USB drive provides up to 1000MB/s of read speed and write speed.
  • SSD solid state storage solution transfers of 1GB in size in 1 second.



1 X MOVE SPEED WID 10 Series Solid State USB Drive


1 X Baided Lanyard


1 X Users' Manual

Supports 4K ProRes HDR Video Recording of iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max

WID 10 flash drive connects with iPhone 15 Pro/Pro max to record video and save it on the hard drive without secondary transfer. Effectively expand the storage space of your cell phone.

Note: This feature is only supported on iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max.

Apple devices and iPhone 15 series cannot recognize the flash drive.

Step 1: Format the flash drive and change the format to exFAT.

Formatting steps: Connect the flash drive to computer → Double click on 'This PC' → Right click on 'MOVESPEED Drive' → Select Format →Select exFAT format.

Step 2: If the flash drive is formatted as exFAT but cannot be recognized. Please restart your phone and re-insert the flash drive.

Some Important Notes

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